Allelic Variants

There are no related allelic variants
Related diseases of KIF 3FI3A_JK2 (PDB code: 3FI3, chain A)
Number of involved diseases in the family 17
Number of MAPK10 related diseases 14
All kinase in this family  MAPK10
Disease Description Involved kinases
(This family)
Inhibitor of
Involved Kinases
n/aTuberculosisMAPK10, MAPK14, MAPK84Link
n/aChagas diseaseMAPK10, MAPK14, MAPK84Link
n/aPertussisMAPK10, MAPK14, MAPK84Link
n/aSalmonella infectionMAPK10, MAPK14, MAPK84Link
n/aEpithelial cell signaling in Helicobacter pylori infectionMAPK10, MAPK14, MAPK84Link
n/aShigellosisMAPK10, MAPK14, MAPK84Link
n/aToxoplasmosisMAPK10, MAPK14, MAPK84Link
n/aHepatitis CMAPK10, MAPK14, MAPK84Link
n/aEpstein-Barr virus infectionMAPK10, MAPK14, MAPK84Link
n/aInfluenza AMAPK10, MAPK14, MAPK84Link
Diabetes mellitusMAPK10, MAPK84Link
n/aHerpes simplex infectionMAPK10, MAPK84Link
n/aEarly infantile epileptic encephalopathyMAPK104Link
n/aAmyotrophic lateral sclerosisMAPK142Link
Colon cancerAURKA2Link
n/aEpileptic encephalopathyMAPK104Link