Welcome to Yang, Jinn-Moon's Home Page

l            Bioinformatics


1.      Protein-Ligand Docking / Virtual Drug Screening (GEMDOCK)

2.      Computer-aided Drug Design (QSAR/Toxicity prediction) (GEMDOCK)

3.      System Biology: Protein-Protein (Protein-DNA) Interaction/Docking & Pathway (DAPID)

4.      Protein Folding [(PS)2] & Structural Bioinformatics (3D-BLAST)

5.      Data Mining  & Biological Databases


l            Machine Learning and Applications


1.      Genetic algorithms, evolution strategies, and evolutionary programming  (Publications)

2.      Global optimization and optical thin-film coating (Publications)

3.      Computational intelligence: soft computing, evolutionary computation, and fuzzy theory


l               Useful Links for Paper (Thesis) Writing and Research Career Advice


1.         How to be a Good Graduate Student/Advisor, by Marie desJardins

2.         You and Your Research by Richard W. Hamming.

3.         Useful Things To Know about Ph.D. Thesis Research by H.T. Kung.

4.         Better Dissertation Writing in English from Prof. Yuh-Dauh Lyuu’s homepage

5.         How to Organize your Thesis, by John W. Chinneck.

6.         A General Guide to Science Writing, by John Garratt and Brian Mattinson

7.         Writing and Presenting Your Thesis or Dissertation, by S. Joseph Levine, Ph.D.

8.         The Elements of Style, 4th ed. by William Strunk, Jr., E.B. White, and Roger Angell. The 1918 version (free).

9.         The Chicago Manual of Style.

10.      Research career advice from David Patternson's homepage