Allelic Variants

There are no related allelic variants
Related diseases of KIF 1Q41A_IXM (PDB code: 1Q41, chain A)
Number of involved diseases in the family 10
Number of GSK3B related diseases 6
All kinase in this family  GSK3B
Disease Description Involved kinases
(This family)
Inhibitor of
Involved Kinases
n/aEpstein-Barr virus infectionCDC2, CDK2, EIF2AK2, GSK3B7Link
n/aHerpes simplex infectionCDC2, CDK2, EIF2AK23Link
n/aMeaslesCDK2, EIF2AK2, GSK3B6Link
Prostate cancerCDK2, GSK3B, PDPK16Link
n/aHepatitis CEIF2AK2, GSK3B5Link
n/aInfluenza AEIF2AK2, GSK3B5Link
Colon cancerAURKA5Link
n/aBasal cell carcinomaGSK3B4Link
n/aCocaine addictionCDK515Link
Lung cancerCDK21Link