Allelic Variants

There are no related allelic variants
Related diseases of KIF 2R3QA_5SC (PDB code: 2R3Q, chain A)
Number of involved diseases in the family 18
Number of CDK2 related diseases 5
All kinase in this family  CDK2
Disease Description Involved kinases
(This family)
Inhibitor of
Involved Kinases
n/aEpstein-Barr virus infectionCDK2, GSK3B, MAPK14, MAPK812Link
n/aInfluenza AGSK3B, MAPK14, MAPK87Link
n/aHepatitis CGSK3B, MAPK14, MAPK87Link
n/aShigellosisMAPK14, MAPK82Link
n/aEpithelial cell signaling in Helicobacter pylori infectionMAPK14, MAPK82Link
n/aMeaslesCDK2, GSK3B10Link
Prostate cancerCDK2, GSK3B10Link
n/aSalmonella infectionMAPK14, MAPK82Link
n/aPertussisMAPK14, MAPK82Link
n/aHerpes simplex infectionCDK2, MAPK86Link
n/aTuberculosisMAPK14, MAPK82Link
n/aToxoplasmosisMAPK14, MAPK82Link
n/aChagas diseaseMAPK14, MAPK82Link
n/aAmyotrophic lateral sclerosisMAPK141Link
Lung cancerCDK25Link
Diabetes mellitusMAPK81Link
n/aBasal cell carcinomaGSK3B5Link